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One Day Door Refinishing

Before Picture

Door Refinishing

What can you expect from a one day door refinishing? Well, if you look at the picture to the left, you’ll see. This door is the result of a poorly done, one day, on-site, refinishing.

The stain was brushed on over the existing old finish, and as soon as it was dry enough, polyurethane was brush on top of the, yet to be dry, stain. The customer told me that not only was it a terrible job, but about 2 months later, it had started to peel off the door.

If you look at the door, you can see that the color is very dark in some places, and very light in others. The grain in the wood cannot be seen, anywhere. In most cases, the door would be done, hanging in place, with little, to no preparation, and without even a proper stripping of the old, faded finish.


After Picture

If you had an expensive sports car, would you take it to a one day paint shop? Probably not. To do a thorough, and complete refinish, requires a complete stripping, sanding, and after staining, a day to dry. I spray all my doors in a flat position, to assure a smooth even finish, with no runs, and allow one day between coats for proper curing of each coat.

Okay, so it takes a little longer, but why pay for a fast, cheap job, only to have it re-done a few months later? I don’t endorse on site refinish jobs, and I won’t do them. And the pictures will show you why.

The picture on the right, are after my refinishing work. Which door do YOU want hanging at YOUR house? Give me a call, I’ll be glad to discuss your door needs, and help you get the most from it.

Door Refinishing

"Let your front door give a lasting impression"

Door Refinishing, Stain and Repairs and Installations, Spring, Texas
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